Future of Credits

Join us as we empower people through blockchain backed credits. Staking Coin platform ensures everyone has uninhibited access to credits. Powered by the staking coin credits tailored blockchain, the StakingCoin network will enable easy access to financial credits and record individual data securely on the blockchain.

$303,000 / $3,300,000


Earn with our Credits Platform

Funds invested in our peer to peer credits platform will be loaned to reputable crypto venture capital & trading firms with collateral. They will in turn use the loaned funds to trade, invest and host masternodes to make profit. We have established partnerships with 20 firms and counting. Our Credits platform returns a profit of 10-15% per month on invested funds.

Grow your Coins- Risk Free

With our unique staking platform, you can stake your XTC coins for profits of up to 100% per year, the highest returns in the cryptocurrency space. You will be in complete control of your coins at all times and we will reward you for helping the network.

Be your own Bank

With a variety of ways to earn (via referrals, mining, staking, loans, trading) and our peer to peer platform, we enable you to be your own bank, do your own thing and be financially free. NOTE: This is not a get rich quick scheme.

Our Blockchain

With our unique blockchain, stakingcoin will power the future of peer to peer loans. We realise that the investment and financial space will be revolutionised by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Based on this analysis, we are building a financial platform to bring all the advantages of the blockchain to the average end user.


Roadmap / Timeline

Coin Metrics

Available XTC coins are allocated as follows-

Presale                 4,500,000 XTC

ICO                       18,000,000 XTC

Bounty                 2,000,000 XTC

Team                    8,500,000 XTC

Cold Storage       30,000,000 XTC


For more details see Whitepaper

  • Presale
  • ICO
  • Bounty
  • Team
  • Cold Storage

ICO ROUND1 PRICE = 7 XTC per USD (20% Bonus)

ICO ROUND2 PRICE = 6 XTC per USD (10% Bonus)





The staking coin is made up of an intercontinental, extremely motivated, anonymous team. We have completed our unique Lending, Staking and Mining blockchain, Windows and Linux wallets. Over the next month we will be done with the Mac wallet and mobile apps and they will sent to our beta-testers. We get things done.


The staking coin is a decentralised financial blockchain network allowing lenders and borrowers from all over the world to create peer to peer credits agreements in a secure and transparent way using the blockchain and smart contracts.

There are only 105,000,000 XTC coins in existence with only a third of that in circulation after our TGE.

** Staking coin tokens are not a security, before buying XTC make sure it is legal in your jurisdiction


On the 15th of February the 1st round of our ICO will launch. Money raised in the ICO will be used to further develop staking coin, add unique lending features like fiat lending etc, marketing and publicity, conferences, securing partnerships, setting up and shipping our debit cards, listing on Coinmarketcap and 3 high volume exchanges. We will do whatever it takes to reach our goal of 1Billion dollars market cap before Quarter 3, 2018.

StakingCoin Blockchain




Unique Lending Platform


Mobile Apps


Trading Platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

StakingCoin is based in Hong Kong, some members of the core team are in North America, Asia and South Africa. Our vision is to create a blockchain loan platform built on trust and reputation. Our blockchain is a fork of Litecoin with POS and POW algorithms.

StakingCoin would like to keep our team details private until our fundraising is over (for legal reasons) then we will go public with our information during our launching conference in Singapore after the ICO. Our top investors will be invited and 50 investors will win an all expenses paid trip to our launch conference. To make StakingCoin unique, we developed a lending, loans and exchange blockchain, which is open source, secure, and optimised for investment with sustainable profits. At the end, the StakingCoin platform combines security, reliability and speed on all transactions which provides investors with a great overall experience.

E-mail support@stakingcoin.com we are always available to support you. Join us on our Telegram channel to keep up with Stakingcoin news: https://t.me/stakingcoin

Due to increased BTC fees and confirmation times only ETH will be accepted during the token sale.

It has few easy steps. You can buy Staking Coin (XTC) by creating an account from the website http://app.stakingcoin.com 

Then register with your details and the ethereum address you will be sending your contributions from.

NOTE: only ETH contributions will be accepted, set gas as 200,000 and gwei at 30 to guarantee that your contribution goes through.

If you are new to ethereum, this is how to open an ethereum account and fund it with BTC https://www.etherrush.in/open-ethereum-wallet/

You will be contacted via email at the end of the crowdsale with instructions on how to receive native XTC coins.

There is no minimum investment during the crowdsale, however, to ensure that our platform is decentralised and that its not controlled by a few “whales” the maximum investment is 200,000 dollars.

Yes you can,

Just make sure you input the Ethereum address the transaction was sent from in your staking coin profile and your XTC purchase should reflect.

XTC has its own blockchain, after the crowdsale XTC can only be stored in our native Windows, Mac, or Linux wallets. Investors are encouraged to back up their wallets.

After the crowdsale all bounty participants will be contacted on how to claim their XTC coin to reward their hard work during the public sale.

We believe most crowdsales out there are misusing this unique fundraising opportunity and are raising much more money than they actually need to execute their project. Staking coin wants our investors to get the maximum returns on their investment, by raising only 3.3 Million dollars we are trying to make sure our early investors get a huge ROI when we hit the exchanges.